Space Place Canada is delighted to be the Production Sponsor for the Young People’s Theatre presentation of “The Darkest Dark” based on the book by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The production will be performed from February 20th, 2023, to April 2nd, 2023. For more information please click here to purchase your tickets.

Space Place Canada’s mission is to advocate for building an iconic, 21st-century physical planetarium in Toronto and a virtual planetarium for Canada. Our involvement with this YPT production of The Darkest Dark connects the story’s message of the thrill – and fear – of discovery with the opportunities created by a planetarium as a place of exploration and wonder. 

Space Place Canada has worked with others to prepare supporting resources for teachers, parents and families. We’ll be adding more through the run the of the show so please check back often. 

When you look at the night sky, what do you see?

Do you dream of other worlds? Wonder how stars shine? Ponder the origins of life? Plan your trip to Mars? Young and old, space fascinates us all. A planetarium is an immersive theatre that allows you to explore these ideas and follow these dreams.

The Sky's The Limit

We are Working to
bring a Planetarium
Back to Toronto,
and a virtual
planetarium for Canada.

Space Place Planetarium Canada is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary group of professionals determined to bring an iconic 21st century public planetarium back to Toronto, supporting a virtual planetarium for Canada and the world.

Toronto has not had a public planetarium since 1995, and the city is the largest tourist destination in the World without one. It is a critical missing piece of Toronto’s tourism and educational infrastructure.

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There are many ways with which you can help

At Space place our mission is to build a much needed planetarium in the Toronto area.

To do this, we will need your help. Any donation (big or small) will be greatly appreciated for our goal. You will be able to track all the progress directly on this site. 

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us and we will ensure you’re informed on all of our latest news, events and ways you can help support our cause.

our work inspires Generations

Our Mission

The Planetarium’s mission is to introduce and inform the general public – student, tourist, the astronomy buff, and the merely curious – of the wonders of space, the role of humankind in space and an understanding life on earth (Arctic, Antarctic, the oceans, and deserts) and our impact on it. 

Our planetarium will bring to life human initiatives in astronomy and aerospace, showcasing VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) applications in an innovative exciting story-telling format. 

Space Place Planetarium will include public exhibits and hands-on workshop spaces. Our website will be designed to promote and support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education for elementary and secondary students, STEAM careers, and STEAM recruitment – with special attention to expanding access to students and families in priority neighbourhoods. 

How is STEAM different from STEM? It uses the same concepts, but inquiry and problem-based learning is used in a creative approach to learning which supports an appreciation of art and design principles.

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