Launch Canada 2022

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Launch Canada rocket competition. It was an honour to be a competition judge for the university teams that presented their rockets or technology designs. These students are not only the best and brightest national technical talent, but they have what it takes to keep Canada at the forefront of aerospace. Thank you to Launch Canada for the opportunity to partake in this historical event.

Some highlights include:

  • a conference day for team presentations and rocket inspections 
  • many successful rocket launches including a hybrid and a two-stage 
  • networking with science and space enthusiasts from around the world
  • collaborating with the local community of Cochrane


I look forward to participating in future Launch Canada events – a closer look at the design, review, and evaluation of advances in the field of rocketry.

Stardust Festival and the Launch Canada Challenge plan to return to Cochrane in the Summer of 2023.

University of Alberta team with their 10k rocket named Ringo. Photo by Wintta.

Wintta Ghebreiyesus

Wintta Ghebreiyesus

PHD student in Aerospace Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University and Space Place Canada Director