University of Alberta’s rocket launch + recovery of Ringo II

Text by Colby Gauthier:

“After the successful launch of Ringo I, the Student Team for Alberta Rocketry Research first sounding rocket, we spent a significant portion of the next year focusing on building our team. Not only concentrating on our technical capabilities such as composite manufacturing or aerodynamic analysis, but more importantly on project management, communication, and proper documentation. With Ringo II our inexperience prohibited us from recognizing the need to be more thorough in certain areas, but with each launch we will improve! It is great to have a competition like Launch Canada where when the team falls short everyone around is ready to offer support. Our competition results this year of 2nd in the Basic Category and 1st in the Payload Design Challenge indicate that our method is working, but we now must ensure that this success does not breed complacency, and instead fuels us towards more innovation! Ringo II was not perfect, but I hope the next one is!”

P.S. In Timmins, Ontario, telemetry data led the University of Alberta team to discover their rocket had landed across a large lake. A generous elderly woman offered her rowboat for the retrieval. The team’s dedication, coupled with community kindness, resulted in a triumphant recovery. Hence the boat pic.

Wintta Ghebreiyesus

Wintta Ghebreiyesus

PHD student in Aerospace Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University and Space Place Canada Director