Upcoming Events

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Upcoming events

Throughout the year, Space Place will host a series of events to engage and inform our patrons. 

As we raise funds to build out a new planetarium, we will constantly be sharing news, updates and of course, events where you can support our efforts.


Our goal is to build a unique destination for all things STEM and STEAM. Our proposed planetarium will house several exhibitions that drive innovation and curiosity. 

Have a look below for our upcoming events. Be sure to sign up and come out to support the new planetarium project.  

Canada and the Final Frontier

Thank you if you were able to join our first event on Thursday, Nov 26th. 

You can find the recording on YouTube by clicking here.

Planned Events coming up

We have the topic identified for our second event but don’t have a date yet. So please watch this space. 

Our first event looked at Canada’s history in space. The second part looks at our future in space. From microsatellites to moon landings, learn what is up next for the Great White North in space. 


Future Events to come