Let's Learn About Space

Space Place Planetarium Canada is working to provide material about astronomy and space exploration in Canada. Think of it as a virtual planetarium while we work to get a physical building. 

Let’s start with our Director’s Blog. The blog captures material prepared by our directors and others. The blog answers some fundamental questions about astronomy and space exploration. It also gives updates on space related activities that our directors are involved in. 

Secondly, we have our “Ask A Scientist” video series. In the first set of videos we’re offering, Dr Katanya Kunz answers some fundamental questions that you might have about space. 

Lastly, we have material for teachers and parents. This will help you launch and grow your child’s interest in space. We developed this material for our sponsorship of the Young People’s Theatre production of The Darkest Dark – based on the book by Chris Hadfield.  

Please stay tuned for more material. If you have ideas for new material, please let us know.