Media Information

Are you in a media / broadcasting organization? Space Place Planetarium Canada is delighted to work with you to share the story of Canadian astronomy and space exploration with your audience.

Please drop us a line at to connect with our team of media professionals.

We can bring you knowledgeable experts on: 

 – astronomy

 – exploring the night sky

 – Canadian space exploration

 – the April 8th, 2024 solar eclipse

We would also love to talk about: 

 – our vision for a world class physical planetarium in Toronto,

 – how a virtual planetarium can service all of Canada,

 – the role of a planetarium (physical and virtual) in education,

 – the importance of a planetarium in education, tourism, science, and STEM careers.

 – what it will take to build a new planetarium in Toronto – one of the only major cities in the world without one.  

Please reach out to us at