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We're looking for Passionate people to fill the Following roles.


Our current volunteer Treasurer has been in the role for 3 years and is shifting the focus of her Board duties for SpacePlace Canada. Those interested in applying should write Jo-Ann Davis at treasurer@spaceplacecanada.ca and include a CV with both professional and volunteer experience.

Treasurer, SpacePlace Planetarium Canada: The major duties of the Treasurer are as listed below with the expectation of an estimated 10 to 15 volunteer hours monthly, The expectation is that the successful candidate will commit to the role for no less than 1-year, preference is for a candidate who is able to committee to a 2-year or 3-year period.

Major duties: Attend regular monthly Board, advisory and committee meetings.

Provide Board with regular financial updates providing a balance sheet for the AGM and other Board meetings throughout the year, as required, to help ensure that the Board meets its fiduciary responsibilities.

Support annual budget planning with the other members of the Board and committee Chairs, as appropriate.

Write cheques and co-sign with Chair, as needed, on approved expenditures.

Keep adequate books and records at an address in Canada that is on file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Issue complete and accurate donation receipts for donations that legally qualify as gifts. An official receipt must contain all the information specified in Section 3501 of the Income Tax Regulation.

Meet annual spending requirement (disbursement quota).

File annual T3010 information return (together with financial statements and required attachments) no later than June 30.

Web Developer

Although we’ve been getting by with our current tools, we require help with more sophisticated requirements that are coming up. Those interested in applying should write Richard McDonald at richard.mcdonald@spaceplacecanada.ca and provide a brief CV with both professional and volunteer experience.

Major duties:

Attend technical team meetings.

Enable new features in WordPress and Elementor as required.

Advise on appropriate new features for the website.    

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